9 At Home Hobbies For Physical and Emotional Health

Jul 12 , 2021

JC Davis

9 At Home Hobbies For Physical and Emotional Health

I saw a very relatable meme recently. It was directed at those of us who love to spend time indoors and enjoy time by ourselves. It showed the facial expressions of a character that looked sheepishly away from the camera after glancing out of the side of one eye when posed with the following phrase “Now we have to stay indoors away from everyone else! This is going to change everything!” And that’s when the character looked away knowing that nothing would change for him and he probably liked it that way. Are you an introvert that can relate? Or are you looking to maximize your time by eliminating driving to the gym?

If you’re in that same boat and find yourself  spending most of your time at home, maybe due to unforeseen circumstances, job changes or cancelled travel arrangements then it is a great idea to find a hobby or two to occupy your time. Your total well being can be greatly improved if you can find the right hobby!

Pursuing a lifelong interest, taking on a new challenging and rewarding endeavor and rekindling a passion that brings you fulfillment may potentially boost your physical health and fitness, your emotional health, or both. 

While I must say that while it was shocking at first to consider the thought of not leaving home for a while, that was quickly replaced with a sense of determination to get things done around the house that I had been putting off. That zeal for cleaning lasted only 2 days though. Cleaning and organizing didn’t happen to be the best hobby for me, but it did get the ball rolling. Once there was more space and organization I began to look for other things I could do with more free time. That’s when I looked out to an empty backyard and started to think of how I could finally build my own outdoor obstacle course. Some tall trees had recently fallen in a storm leaving me with loads of free lumber to work with and before too long I had a fully functional military style obstacle course complete with walls to scale, rope climbs, warped walls to run up, logs to balance on, pull up bars, and a fully functioning rock climbing wall to boot.

If you still have that itch to pursue a hobby you have wanted to nurture but put off for too long, I hope this article can serve as a reminder and help reignite that passion so you can pursue a wonderfully fulfilling hobby that rewards you in many ways. Here are some ideas that may rekindle that memory to get you going again on your journey.

Healthy hobbies while home in the hobbit hole:

Walking. This is a great hobby for both your physical and emotional health. Remember to get some nice supportive footwear, after that all you need to do is get out and start walking.  For those without sidewalks or trails, perhaps walking on a treadmill is best. It’s easy to lose track of time when your walk is accompanied by something on a screen. This is a good fit for those who want to stay productive while also enjoying some screen time.

Dancing. Luckily, no one can see how bad my dance moves are. That’s the great thing about having some privacy at home. You can crank up music in your headphones and jam out like a live concert. For inspiration, watch a video that really inspires you with incredible dance skills.

Biking. There are machines you can use for stationary biking and those are great! You can interact with others, watch videos and compete with yourself and enjoy the benefits of biking. For the outdoors, any simple functional bike will do. For added comfort, you may want to look at a comfy seat so you don’t get discouraged from riding more if you are just starting out. 

Photography. Photography is a wonderful way to capture a sense of the beauty that is all around you. Several helpful and instructional videos are available online to help encourage and guide the newcomers to the world of photography. A few helpful classes and the camera on your phone is all it takes to get started.

Music. This hobby truly is music for the soul. Whether you want to play an instrument yourself, compose a piece, record, share, or just kick back with your favorite jams, music makes an incredible hobby with so much to enjoy and explore.

Art. Art is a wonderful way to express oneself emotionally. The impact of art on our personal health is tremendous and full of variety. Painting, sculpting, drawing, woodworking, and performance arts are but a few great options to explore. With so many resources and online classes available and communities that nurture each other's endeavors, you can explore your talents with a new sense of purpose. Explore free classes and social gatherings of like minded people to find others who have found great satisfaction with their hobbies and let that light shine bright!  

Gardening. There is something so satisfying about the feel of soft grass under your bare feet, or the feel of the moist soil running through your fingers, or the smell of the clean air all around you and the taste of the first strawberries to ripen in season. If the outside climate gets too harsh you can always find a special nook in the home to grow indoors and enjoy the satisfaction of tending to the plants and reap the benefits they provide to your air and your overall health and well being. Gardening is a great way to reconnect to the abundance of life all around you.

Writing. Do you have fond memories of hearing great tales read from a book when you were younger? Did you want to create a world that fascinated your mind and took you on a journey of infinite possibilities? Maybe it’s time to start writing that novel or kids book. Enjoy the creative journey of unlimited possibilities with pen, ink, and paper.

Hiking. For those of you excited to go on an adventure outside of the hobbit hole then let’s talk about hiking. The crisp fresh air, the exercise you get when you forget that you’re exercising, the great views, the sights and sounds of nature's embrace, need we say more.. Feed that traveling bug and head out on your journey to sights unseen and enjoy the endless possibilities.

My honorable mention in 2020 was cooking!  I definitely enjoy trying new recipes and techniques in the kitchen from time to time.  Although it's not a physical hobby, cooking foods that support your digestive health definitely help boost your mood according to science breakthroughs. 

Hobbies are enjoyable. If we don’t like it, we leave it. When we find the right fit, it becomes a part of our lifestyle. Many great accomplishments that we admire from others came out of someone pursuing their hobby. A great hobby brings us a sense of accomplishment and can also bring joy to others. We hope you found some inspiration to pursue your hobby and that it brings you both physical and emotional fulfillment. What are your favorite hobbies?  Have you picked up any new hobbies recently?


JC DAVIS, Co-Founder Tenvis Nutrition, MPAS, ACE Certified Health Coach

This is not personal medical advice and we recommend that you talk with your doctor before making changes to your lifestyle and nutrition plans.