Our Story

At Tenvis Nutrition we are proud to represent a brand that stems from several decades of experience in the world of Nutrition and Wellness to bring to you our exclusive line of hand-picked clean products to fit the needs of the most discerning customer.


Our dedication to optimal health, nutrition, fitness, and supplementation grew from a love and a passion for teaching and serving the needs of a growing community. A new generation of well informed and discerning consumers who value honesty and transparency in their health products inspired us to create a brand of cleaner and more trustworthy options, and so we formed Tenvis Nutrition. 


Our mission here at Tenvis is to empower people to achieve their highest level of holistic health. Our motto is clean, lean, and serene. We are excited to provide an amazing line of the best in class clean options for optimal health. We strive to help achieve a more lean streamlined, uncluttered, and a more focused lifestyle that benefits both mental and physical health. We strive to help others achieve a more fulfilling, serene, and peaceful life. 


Tenvis Co. Supplements are 3rd party lab tested for quality and purity, are made in the USA, do not have any fillers, artificial colors or dyes or strange hard-to-pronounce preservatives. Our manufacturers are FDA Registered and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified so that you know when you are purchasing Tenvis Nutrition Supplements you are getting our #CleanLeanSerene Guarantee.


Welcome to Tenvis Nutrition!


Tenvis: Latin adjective meaning Clean, Lean, & Serene
also: tender, light, bright, simple, clear, exquisite, slender


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